Platform 4, exactly

I arrive in Paddington-London with thirty minutes to go before my 'Prince Michael of Kent' train departs for Hayle in Cornwall. I took a quick detour to Bond Street to collect some of my favourite Ben’s cookies, ready for my five hour train journey. I’m really excited to be staying a few days with my sister and her partner. They have welcomed a little miniature dachshund puppy named Copper which I’m really looking forward to seeing - it’s the real reason why I am going there! (joke)

I get a phone call from Massimo, he usually calls me around lunchtime. He called to make sure I made it to Paddington OK.

"Hi Beth", he says. "Hi Massimo".

"Where are you?", he asks. "I’m here just got some food, where are you?" I replied. "I’m here too!"

Then I see him! It’s these little things that make a good day a great day! He came to see me off to Cornwall. He’s a gooden 😊

I hear that my train is ready to depart from Platform 4, after a quick dash to the ticket machine ... you know what it’s like ... I hadn't reserved a seat so I was trying to work out where they'd fit me and my cabin case. I’m on, with a seat, and I've unpacked my hot chocolate from Starbucks which they poured in my BuiltNY flask - because that’s what we all do now, to save the planet from plastic - and I am settled! I wave goodbye to Massimo and the train is off and on the move. It’s so busy on here at 14:03 but I’m guessing people are either commuting home for the weekend or going away for their summer staycation to the sea.

I’m so used to these train journeys but I like it. I find it therapeutic - when they’re running on time - to sit back and see the scenery, watch Netflix, write the songs, and drink the Hot Chocolate .. it’s just nice to be able to zone out. I’m just thinking whilst sitting in coach K (seat 80) that last week I was on the train to Sheffield.

I was fortunate to work with a fantastic songwriter called Elliot Kennedy. He has written many hits for Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Spice Girls and Bryan Adams. I really had the best time. He made me feel so welcome, and we wrote two great songs. I'm really looking forward to be working with him again very soon, and I'm excited for you to hear my new music.

Twenty minutes into the journey we are in Reading, and time for a white chocolate cookie and to listen to some music, and write some lyrics to it. It’s cloudy and rainy here today.

One hour gone and only four hours to go ... I really love Cornwall. No seriously, I do. My mum’s side of the family live down here and my sister moved down when she was 17 years old. I am into the arts and crafts from this part of the country, and my ideal day would be to visit the galleries - pretty much all day!

One of my favourite places to visit is St Ives - the fudge here is also amazing. The death by whites chocolate is my first choice. Then there's the ‘I should coco’ chocolate shop is fabbydabbydoscious! It’s where they make homemade chocolate, and they can pretty much design anything for you and it’s ... well ... all made from chocolate. Massimo made my Easter egg here, this year, which was sweet. Then there is the Hub bar which is also a cool hang out for food, hot chocolate ( white, orange, mint), and the classic cocktail or three! The view from the Hub bar over looks the front of the harbour of St Ives.

I loves the Galleries here in St Ives - it's worth visiting The Penwith Gallery and The St Ives Gallery.

Marazion is beautiful place too and it's where you will find Saint Michaels mount. It’s a small tidal island crowned by a medieval church and castle. The island is joined to the town of Marazion by a man-made causeway only passable between mid tide and low water. It’s really stunning when it’s a nice sunny day. You can see the the castle miles away.

I always like to visit Avalon Art here, I have purchased a few arts and crafts for my home. The godolphin arms is also a beautiful setting in Maraziom for a bite to eat overlooking the sea.

Three hours to go until I reach my destination. We are such a close knit family, sometimes I feel I don’t see my family enough since I’ve moved away to London. But I guess that’s the life, and we're all very busy. I cannot wait to see my sister. I remember when we were little when we use to stay at my aunties in the summer, we would walk over the Towens in our swimming costumes whilst my uncle and dad would be carrying the windbrakes and B.B.Q over to the beach, my mom and aunt would be carrying the food over - I loved the pink panther wafers I use to eat whilst I was busy building a sandcastle with my sisters and cousins - mom typically annoying me when applying more factor 50 all over my face. Cornwall does hold some special childhood memories for me.

Looking back, At night time, we use to take Sally (My uncle's sheep-dog) over the towans for her evening walk and we could see the grass illuminated with beams of green - they were glow worms - a beautiful sight well as hearing the ocean in the background. Unfortunately I don’t see so many down here now which is a shame. But still Cornwall is quite a contrast to busy life we have in London.

I’m writing this chapter as we are approaching Teignmouth, the views of the harbour and the sea is timeless and i can stare at this view all day. Except today. The person sitting next to me fell asleep so I couldn’t get to take many photos. Fortunetly a girl named Gemma kindly took a photo of the sea for me as she was sitting at the correct aisle, lucky for her. But I only hear the snoring from the guy next to me, I have the pleasure of sitting next to him until he gets off the penalutimate stop at Redruth! Always the way.

Blues skies here, and I have two hours left of my journey. We are just arriving at Plymouth. I am looking forward to be going on the beach, grab my notebook and pen and get creative musically and lyrically - it’s funny how a change of scenery can inspire you in many ways.

I just have over 1 hour left of my journey now, and I'm approaching St Germans now. The train is a lot quieter and my hot chocolate is still hot. Sp far I’m really impressed with my BuiltNY flask.

One place I will definitely be going to visit is a place called the Minic Theatre, Porthcurno. Carved into a Cornish cliff top, it’s an open air theatre overlooking the sea! Worth a visit! It’s great to watch a drama, musical, opera or comedy here during the evenings. I think this year sweeney Todd is showing.

The coves around Porthcurno are out of this world. On a hot sunny day you don’t need to be anywhere else. The water is a different shade of turquoise - it’s pure and very clear.

Just approaching Liskard whilst I listen to "Forever And For Always" by Shania Twain. I just love her. I will be seeing her in concert next month and I cannot wait! Back to music, I've been listening to a few of my own (new) songs during this journey. I'm really happy and it won’t be long now until you get a chance to hear them. I suppose it’s been a long time, but I just didn’t want to release something that felt rushed. I wanted to take my time with this, and I am glad I did.

I am going to be performing some intimate gigs in and around London in the next few weeks and months and I will update you all very soon.

Only 10 minutes to go now until I reach my destination. I've finally made it.


Grenfell Road X Place 2 BE

Beth Sherburn will be attending a private fundraising event to help raise money and awareness for the heart-felt work that is being carried out by the friends, volunteers and charity workers on behalf of the families - and the children - effected by the tragic events on Grenfell Road, last year.

For more details about Place2Be and how their work has helped nearby schools and children please visit


Dance To The Music

Beth is very excited to announce that she will be touring the UK in 2018 with Kristina Rihanoff and Robin Windsor.

Created by and starring Kristina Rihanoff - one of the most renowned dancers and choreographers from BBC One Strictly Come Dancing.

Kristina will be joined by fellow professional SCD dancers Oksana Platero, and the fabulous Robin Windsor.

Joining Kristina, Robin and Oksana are a full cast of dancers, plus two amazing singers, Chris Maloney, and Beth Sherburn.

Dance to the Music will feature all styles of dancing and you'll experience the evolution of dance through musical eras, starting from the roaring twenties, with tap and Charleston, going through every decade of dance crazes up to modern day Ballroom and Latin. Argentine Tango, Lindy Hop, Jive, Rock-n-Roll, Funk, Waltz, Disco, Breakdancing, Street, Contemporary Ballet, and Salsa are just a few spectacular styles which you'll see, performed to some of your favourite music hits.